Careers Wales

Our new services will be delivered according to clients’ needs through:

1. Standard Service Offer

This will be delivered to the following groups of people:

  • young people in schools and colleges;
  • young people seeking work, education  or training;
  • adults seeking information, advice and guidance on learning and career options.

This service will be available via the website, web services, and telephone helpline

Our website is designed to support individuals through their career planning journey.  The main sections of the site include:

  • Your Career – advice and information to help individuals through all the different parts of their career journey.
  • Jobs and Training – a range of information, tools and resources to support individuals apply and gain access to the job market. 
  • Education and Courses  – information and advice to make decisions about future qualification choices and study, including a database of all post 16 courses available in Wales. 
  • Contact Us

2.     Prioritised and Enhanced Service Offer 

This will be available to the following groups of people:

  • young people (11-16) who will benefit the most from a careers intervention or support:
  • those who are at risk of becoming disengaged;
  • unemployed young people aged 16 and 17;
  • clients with Additional Learning Needs;
  • unemployed young people 18-24;
  • those in need of assessment for Jobs Growth Wales;
  • young people in the secure estate; and
  • support for adults facing redundancy.

These groups will be able to access the Standard offer plus an offer of a face to face interview. 

3. Services for Schools

Based on the above, we will offer schools:

  • Support  for their delivery of the Careers and World of Work Curriculum through the Careers Wales Mark, facilitation of Education Business links and other work related education developments
  • Interventions with young people at risk of disengagement -  CW prioritise the service that we deliver to schools,  ensuring that pupils who are most in need see advisers in school. 
  • A variety of tools on – the website hosts the Learning Pathways choices, as well as the work experience database and a section with resources for teachers and other professionals in school to use with pupils.

CW will develop new approaches to delivery through enhancements to our website, increased use of social media and we will be encouraging clients to develop career planning skills to enable them to take realistic and informed decisions about their future career choices.  

4.Services for All

Careers Wales is committed to equal opportunities. Our services are designed to meet individual needs regardless of race, gender, marital status, age, disability, beliefs, sexual orientation, social or economic background.

Our services are available in English and Welsh. You are welcome to correspond with us in either language.

Accessing our services

In addition to this website, careers information, advice and guidance can be accessed:

  • At around 80 full and part-time Careers Centres and Careers Shops across the country
  • through mobile units covering mid-Wales
  • through the Learning and Careers Advice telephone helpline - 0800 100 900
  • at various community venues such as libraries and adult education centres
  • through your Careers Adviser in school or college if you are a student.
  • through e-mail correspondence.